I can help you navigate through the divorce process which is usually just a paper exercise. It can take 12 months and sometimes longer to complete your divorce due to the court processing time. There is a court fee of £550 which you pay up front and payment is sent to the court with your divorce petition. I will help you serve the petition on the other party and apply for Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute on your behalf. If you would prefer to start the divorce yourself, you can apply online here.


The financial settlement is dealt with separately to the divorce process. There are four methods to agree your financial settlement: 1. Agree between yourselves 2. Agree with the help of a family mediator 3. Solicitor negotiation 4. Court proceedings. The aim should always be to avoid court proceedings, however, in some circumstances it is necessary to seek the court’s assistance. Once an agreement has been reached, you should instruct a family lawyer to draft the financial agreement and advise you on its terms. 


I advise separated parents who need structure and clarity with regards to the arrangements for the children. They may need help agreeing contact, holidays, education arrangements, relocation, maintenance and to set out prohibited steps.  I will take you through parental responsibility and the rights of the child and help you to reach an agreement which puts the needs of the children first. 

If proceedings are issued at court, I will represent you at the hearings, and if necessary, I will ensure that you receive specialist advice from a children law barrister. 


Domestic violence and coercive control is a silent pandemic. There is no legal definition of domestic abuse, however, the domestic abuse bill will create a statutory definition. If you are experiencing domestic abuse you should contact the police and speak to a family lawyer to obtain a protective order such as a non molestation and/or an occupation order. There are several free 24 hour helplines to contact in an emergency such as Refuge 0808 2000 247 or Flows 0203 745 7707.


I help unmarried couples who are considering entering into a cohabitation agreement before purchasing a home or settling down together. In the event that an unmarried couple separate, I am able to assist with the drafting and implementation of a separation agreement. 

I prepare prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for engaged and married couples  wanting to define and protect their assets. 


Unmarried couples are sometimes unaware that they do not have the same rights as married couples who are separating. This can have devastating consequences for the family, especially when children are involved. 

I assist unmarried couples who are unable to agree financial matters. I advise them with regards to the the civil law relating to property (TLATA), and Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989, which enables a parent to claim financial support from the other parent.